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Schengen Visa

The Schengen visa is valid for the following 15 European countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Sweden. A Schengen visa allows the holder to travel freely in all these countries for a maximum stay of up to 90 days in a 6 month period.

Where should I apply?

  1. if you intend to visit only one Schengen country, you must apply at the office of that particular country.
  2. if you intend to visit several Schengen countries, you must apply for a visa at the office of the country which is your main destination.
  3. if you intend to visit several Schengen countries but do not have a main destination, you should apply for a visa at the office of the country which is your first point of entry.

    Note :
    Visas for the Faroe Islands and Greenland may only be applied for from the Danish Trade Organisations' Taipei Office.
    Visas for the French overseas departments and territories may only be applied for from the Institut Français.

What should I submit?

  1. 1 application form + 1 photo. Applicant must sign himself the form.Please use English, French or Dutch to fill out the form. The signature must be the same as on the passport. Information should be complete & true.
  2. Itinerary (+ signature of applicant or company stamp from the travel agency) and flight booking.
  3. Original passport + 1 copy (validity should be longer than 3 months after visa expiry date)
  4. Copy of ID card (for those without ID card: please provide household registry)
  5. Purpose of the trip (business, family visit, tourism)

    Business trip : fill out on the application form the address & name of the company visited in Belgium (point 34 of application form), supported by a fax or e-mail from the company in Belgium (sent directly from Belgium to this office) and a financial guarantee letter (either stated clearly in the invitation letter from Belgium that they will take financial responsability for the applicant or seperate support letter from the company in Taiwan).
    Tourist trip : proof of financial resources (bank statement, traveler's cheques etc) and hotel booking confirmation (sent directly from the hotel in Belgium to this office).
    Visiting relatives or friends : fill out point 34 on the application form (address & name of the relative or friend living in Belgium), supported by a guarantee letter signed by the relative or friend in Belgium and legalised by the city hall (with copy of ID card or residence card of the guarantor and proof of his financial resources).

  6. Show confirmed return ticket when collecting the visa.
  7. For transit visa : valid visa for the country of destination.
  8. Copy of medical insurance.


Remarks :
Applicants younger than 18 years old, must have an authorisation of both parents whose signatures must be legalised by a notary public.

The Consular administration has full authority to evaluate and request more documents than those submitted by the applicant. The latter is hereby informed that submitting the aforementioned documents does not guarantee automatic issuance of the visa.

Please note that holders of Schengen visa are still subject to immigration control upon first entry into a Schengen country and are therefore NOT guaranteed automatic entry even when they hold a valid Schengen visa. Return ticket and proof of sufficient financial means (e.g. credit card, cash, traveler's cheques, guarantee letter) may still be requested upon entry in the Schengen area.

Download forms

Download the application forms

Attention :
Both sides of the application form have to be printed on one (1) page.

Word 2000-doc (Chinese-English form)
Download the itinerary form for a Schengen visa in
Word 2000-doc (Microsoft Word 2000 needed)
PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader needed)

Visa Fee

New visa fees from 1 June 2005: 1 euro = 44 NTD

Schengen visa, multiple entry, validity 30 days : presently 1540 NTD
Schengen visa, single entry, validity 90 days : presently 1540 NTD
Schengen visa, multiple entry, validity 90 days : presently 1540 NTD
Schengen business visa, multiple entry, validity 1 year : presently 1540 NTD
Transit visa: presently 1540 NTD

Office hours

The office hours of the visa section of the Belgian Trade Office in Taipei are from 9:00am until 11:45am Monday through Friday. The visa can be collected the following day after 14:00 h. The Visa Offices of the Schengen countries are closed on all Taiwanese holidays and on the national holidays of the individual countries.

Schengen visa offices in Taipei:

If you require additional information, please contact one of the following offices:

Belgian Office, Taipei
6F, Suite 601, 131, Min Sheng E. Rd., Sec. 3, Taipei
Tel : 02-2715 1215
Fax : 02-2712 6258
E-mail :
German Trade Office Taipei
4F, 4, Min Sheng E. Rd., Sec. 3, Taipei
Tel : 02-2506 9028
Fax : 02-2506 8182
E-mail :
Danish Trade Organizations' Taipei Office
Suite 1207, 12F, Bank Tower 205 Tun Hwa North Road, Taipei 105
Tel : 02-2718 2101
Fax : 02-2718 2141
E-mail :
Italian Trade Promotion Office Travel Section
Rm1803, 333, Keelung Rd., Sec. 1, Taipei
Tel : 02-2345 0320
Fax : 02-2757 6260
E-mail :
Exportradet Taipei, Swedish Trade Council
Room 0812, 8f, International Trade Building, 333 Keelung Road Sec. 1, Taipei 110
Tel : 02-2757 6572 and 02-2757 6225
Fax : 02-2757 6723 and 02-2757 6308
E-mail :
Netherlands Trade and Investment Office
Room B, 5F, Artist Construction Building, 133 Min Sheng East Road, Sec. 3, Taipei 105
Tel : 02-2719 8139
Fax : 02-2713 0194
E-mail :
Spanish Chamber of Commerce
10F-2, 76, Tun Hua S. Rd., Sec. 2, Taipei
Tel: 02-2518 4901~3
Fax: 02-2518 4909
E-mail :



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