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Communities & Regions


Focus on Belgium: Government: Communities & Regions

Interregional Cell for the Environment: http://www.irceline.be

Flemish Community (Flemish Region): http://www.vlaanderen.be

OVAM (Flemish Company of Waste Processing): http://www.ovam.be
VDAB (Education and Employment in the Flemish Region): http://www.vdab.be
Flemish Fund for the Social Integration of Disabled Persons: http://www.vlafo.be

French Community: http://www.cfwb.be

German-speaking Community: http://www.dgov.be

Walloon Region: http://www.wallonie.be

Forem (Education and Employment in the Walloon Region): http://www.forem.be

Brussels-Capital Region: http://www.bruxelles.irisnet.be-http://www.brussel.irisnet.be

BGDA (Education and Employment in the Brussels Region, Flemish-speaking site): http://www.bgda.be
CIRB-CIBG (Centre for Informatics for the Brussels Region): http://www.cirb.irisnet.be-http://www.cibg.irisnet.be
IGBE-BIM (Brussels Institute for Management of the Environment): http://www.ibgebim.be
ORBEM (Education and Employment in the Brussels Region, French-speaking site): http://www.orbem.be
Parliament: http://www.parlbru.irisnet.be
VGC (Commission of the Flemish Community): http://digitaalbrussel.vgc.be

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