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Other Links


Focus on Belgium: Other Links

You will find hereunder some interesting websites about Belgium.

Daily papers (addresses of editorial offices, available in French or in Dutch)
Political Parties (president and information services)
Sport (federations, associations, unions, ...)
Tourism (federations, ...)
Transport and communication (airports, ports, railways, ...)
Universities (scientific research)

Search sites

Ad Valvas: http://www.advalvas.be
Belcast: http://www.belcast.be
Dns-be: http://www.dns.be
Golden Pages: http://www.goldenpages.be
Infobel: http://www.infobel.be
Roadhouse: http://www.roadhouse.be
Webbel: http://www.webbel.be
Webwatch: http://www.webwatch.be

Professional associations

Belgian Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers (SABAM): http://www.sabam.be
Federation of Belgian Companies (FEB - VBO): http://www.vbo-feb.be
General Belgian Trade Union (FGTB - ABVV): http://www.fgtb-wallonne.be - http://www.abvv.be
General Christian Trade Union (CSC - ACV): http://www.acv-csc.be
General Liberal Trade Union (CGSLB - ACLVB): http://www.cgslb.be - http://www.aclvb.be
Institute of Auditors - Institute of Public Accountants: http://www.accountancy.be
Organisation for Independant Entrepreneurs (NCMV): http://www.kmonet.be
Union of Small Enterprises and Traders (UCM): http://www.ucm.be

For more information about professional organisations, please consult the member federations of the VBO/FEB.

Documentation centres

Bibnet (Flemish public libraries): http://www.bib.vlaanderen.be
Centre for Historical Research and Documentation on War and Contemporary Society:
CocosNet (Computer supported catalogue for development aid): http://www.cocos.ngonet.be
Credoc (Law documentation centre): http://www.credoc.be
Libis (Consortium of libraries and information centres): http://www.libis.kuleuven.ac.be
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