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Belgium in Taiwan: Companies

Below you can find a list of Belgian companies and organizations with presence in Taiwan. This list is in no regards complete, nor does it imply any preference towards the listed companies. If you feel you should be listed here, contact us at , and we will review your request.

Barco Electronic Systems Inc. Belgian Bank
BARCO has been providing products and solutions to its partners and customers in Taiwan for more than 10 years. End 1997 Barco decided to establish a subsidiary in Taiwan to commercially and technically support its partners and customers. Barco Electronic Systems Ltd. is active in graphics, projection products, visual systems, communication systems, simulation products, and display products (Medical Imaging Systems). Branch office of the Fortis AG/Générale de Banque bank.
Bel-Asia Corp. KBC
Consulting, marketing/distribution of leisure projects.
OEM joint venture-OEM trading
Branch office of the KBC bank.
Immediate Media Services
Immediate Media Services provides turnkey solutions to your marketing needs. Services include website design, multimedia projects, technical writing, brochures, etc. Belgian beer importer - distributing a selection of exclusive Belgian beers on the Taiwanese market.


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