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A national from any country other than a Member State of the European Union who intends to reside in Belgium for a period longer than 90 days must first obtain a temporary resident visa from a consular post abroad. Note: only ROC nationals or foreigners with ARC in Taiwan can apply for a visa through our office.

  • The consular fee for a resident visa is 50 EURO, at the moment equal to 2200 NTD. This fee can vary according to the exchange rate. Consular taxes for legalizing documents are calculated seperately for each case.
  • The applicant has to apply in person.
  • Visa applications for this type of visa are received from Monday through Friday 9.00 to 11.30 on working days.
  • Visa application forms are available at this office.
  • The resident visa can only be granted if one of the spouses:
    • is a Belgian national, or is a national of a country that is a Member of the European Union and is residing in Belgium ;
    • or, is residing in Belgium for professional reasons
    • or, is residing in Belgium to study and can prove to have sufficient income to support his/her spouse.
  • If one of the parents is a Belgian national, please contact this office to determine the exact nationality of the child.
  • A child of 18 or older can not apply for family reunion unless he is still at his parents' charge. However, if the child wishes to continue higher education in Belgium, he has to apply for a student visa.

Required documents:
  1. 3 visa application forms, signed by the applicant + 3 recent photos
  2. Passport (validity at least one year) and copy of passport.
  3. The household registration in Chinese, with a certified translation in French, Dutch or German (depending on the region in Belgium where the applicant will live). The marriage should be registered.
  4. Marriage certificate in original language with translation in French, Dutch or German.
  5. Police record for every person older than 18 ( (legalised by a Notary Public). Spouses of Belgians or spouses of citizens of EU countries, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein do not have to provide a police record.
  6. Copy of the Belgian identity card or identity card for foreigners or CIRE (certificat inscription au registre des étrangers) of the family member living in Belgium.

Formalities after arriving in Belgium:

The Alien has to register with the city hall within 8 days of arrival (of the place of residence, not the place of work) and submit his passport and documents proving their relationship (household registration). The household registration has to be translated and certified at this office. After the usual verifications, the ciy hall will issue a resident permit (Certificat d’inscription au registre des étrangers –C.I.R.E.), valid from 5 months to 1 year, depending on the case, and extendable. This permit allows the alien to travel within the Schengen States and to apply for a visa with the foreign diplomatic representative offices in Belgium. The delay between registering at the city hall and issuing the residence permit can take 3 to 6 weeks depending on the city. Since the visa issued by BTA is only valid for a single entry, the applicant should refrain from leaving Belgium as long as the administrative procedures are not finished.



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