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Coming to Taiwan

Registration - Driving licence - Education - Health

Registration at BTA

If you plan to live in Taiwan for an extended period of time, it is advised to inform the city hall in Belgium of your departure and register at BTA once you arrive in Taiwan.

Driving licence

Holders of a Belgian driver's licence or Belgian international driving permit may obtain a Taiwan driver's licence. Recent regulations require that the Taipei Representative Office in Belgium (tel: 02/511.0687, addr: Boulevard du Régent 40, 1000 Brussels) authenticate your driver's licence before you come to Taiwan.

You can exchange your driving licence at the following addresses:

Office of Motor Vehicle Inspection
21 Pateh Rd, Section 4, Taipei
(台北市八德路四段 21號 )
Tel 02-27630155 ext 201-203

Office of Motor Vehicle Inspection North Branch
80 Cheng-Teh Rd, Section 5, Taipei (Shihlin District)
(台北市士林區承德路五段 80號 )
Tel 02-28314155 ext 326-327

Department of Motor Vehicle Kaohsiung City
71 Teh Min Road, Nantzu District, Kaohsiung City
( 高雄市楠梓區德民路 71號 )
Tel 07-3613161

Department of Motor Vehicle Kaohsiung City Southern Branch
22 Ankang Road, Linya District, Kaohsiung City
( 高雄市苓雅區安康路 22 )
Tel 07-2257812

Required documents:
1. Alien Resident Certificate (original and copy)
2. Passport (original and copy)
3. Belgian driving license or international driving licence (original and copy) translated into English or Chinese
4. Medical examination (use the standard forms available at above addresses)
5. two photo's
6. Fee 200 NTD

Within 30 days after your arrival in Taiwan, you can use your international driving licence. After 30 days, you should exchange your driving licence for a Taiwan driving licence.


Nederlandstalig onderwijs

De Stichting Nederlands Onderwijs in Taipei biedt Nederlands onderwijs aan leerlingen van de basis- en middelbare school. Er zijn twee docenten voor de basisschool en een docent middelbaar onderwijs die les geven op de Britse en Amerikaanse school. Contactpersoon Taipei British School: LeShen Ching 02-28730951. Contactpersoon Taipei American School: Ruud van der Linden 02-28914570.

Verder is er ook de mogelijkheid tot "Begeleid Individueel Studeren", een dienst van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap:

Enseignement français

L'Ecole Française de Taipei, créée en 1989, fait partie avec l'école allemande et l'école britannique du campus européen à Yangminshan (Taipei). L'EFT couvre la scolarité complète: la maternelle, le primaire et le secondaire. Adresse: European Campus, 31 Chien Yeh Rd, Yangmingshan, Taipei 111, Tel 02-28622623

International schools in Taiwan

In Taipei

  • Dominican International School (Tel 02-25338451)
  • Ecole Francaise de Taipei (European Campus, Yangmingshan, Tel 02-28622623)
  • Grace Christian Academy (Nankang District, Tel 02-27857233)
  • Taipei American School (Chungshan N. Rd Sec.6 #800, Tel 02-28739900)
  • Taipei British School (European Campus, Yangmingshan, Tel junior 02-28326614 secon. 02-28622919)
  • Taipei German School (European Campus, Yangmingshan, Tel 02-28622930)
  • Yangmingshan Christian School (Shihlin District, Tel 02-28616400)

In Taichung

  • Morrison Academy (Tel 04-22973927)

In Kaohsiung

  • Kaohsiung American School (Tel 07-7162270)


No vaccinations are necessary for Taiwan, but hepatitis A and B and typhoide can be considered. Check the website of the Institut Pasteur.

All persons residing in Taiwan and holding an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) are required to join the National Health Insurance (NHI) program. Any questions concerning the NHI program, please check or or call the Bureau of National Health Insurance 080-212369.

Check list of hospitals on the following websites: (American Institute) (Taipei City Government)



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