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Country Facts

Facts & Figures

Population : 10.316 million inhabitants (2002)
Surface area : 32.545 km2
Population density : 316 inhabitants / km2 (2002)
Capital : Brussels
Head of state : King Albert II
National Day : 21 July
Official languages :

Dutch, French and German. English is not an official language in Belgium but is frequently spoken.

Currency :
the Euro
State structure :

Belgium is a constitutional monarchy (independant since 1830). In recent years, Belgium has evolved into a federal State constituted of 3 Communities (Flemish, French and German-speaking) and 3 Regions (Flemish, Walloon and Brussels Capital). For more information, please check our webpages State Structure.

National product : 261.7 billions of EUR (2002)
Main cities :

Brussels-capital (+ 950.000)
Antwerp (+- 450.000)
Between 150.000 and 250.000: Ghent, Charleroi, Liège

Main ports :
Antwerp, Zeebrugge, Ghent
Airports : Brussels International Airport
Brussels South Charleroi Airport
Antwerp International Airport
Liège Airport
Ostend Airport
Weights and measures : metric system
Domestic electricity: 220 volts



  • CIA-factbook
  • Belgian Federal Portal : this site is a useful starting point to find general information about Belgium. You will also find links to the regions and communities, official Belgian sites, federal public services (previous "Ministries") etc.



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