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Education in Belgium uses Dutch (in the Flemish Community) or French (in the French Community) at all school levels including university. At the postgraduate level however, you will find a wide choice of courses in English available. Below is a short overview of the structure of university studies. For more information on the specific programmes or admission requirements, please contact the universities directly or check their websites.

The Basic Academic Programmes consist of two cycles: the Candidature and Licentiate programmes. The first cycle ("Kandidatuur" or "Candidature") usually takes two years (for some courses three years). The second cycle ("Licentiaat" or "Licence") takes two, three or four years depending on the study programme.

The Advanced Academic Programmes are aimed at students who already hold a basic academic degree. The English postgraduate studies fall under this category.

The Doctoral Programmes are aimed at students with at least a second-cycle academic degree or its equivalent. A doctoral degree is obtained upon completion of a dissertation based on original research work.

More information on the educational system in Belgium can be found on following websites (Flemish Community) and (French Community). Please note that the structure is not completely similar in Flanders and Wallonia, because not the Federal State of Belgium but the communities are competent for education.




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